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Re-awakening the Mind of a Child:
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Absence of Entification
Absence of Unnecessary Conditioning
Absence of Unnecessary Thinking
Absence of Time and
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Absence of Selfish Anger
Absence of Unnecessary

Attachment Theory
Belief Systems
Belief Systems Types
Belief Systems Lie
Reality Types Realist
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Reality Types Matrix
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Reality Types
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Reality Types Absolute Reality
Reality Types Awareness
The Human Condition
Human Condition
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Human Condition Facts of Life
Human Condition Facts of Life

Human Condition
   Secondary Gain

Human Condition Fear:
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Tibetan Meditation 1
Tibetan Meditation 2
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Appreciating I
Appreciating II
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Level Two

and second, a note or two on belief systems

Definitions of BELIEF:
a. state or habit of MIND in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.
b. something believed; specifically, a tenet or body of tenets held by a group.
c. conviction of the truth of some statement or reality of a fact especially when well grounded.

And there are two general types of beliefs:
a. Conventional Beliefs that get us through the day and
b. Psychological Beliefs that are often the source of the proverbial ten thousand things
   and other such neurotic dream-like products of delusion.

Conventional Beliefs include such beliefs as believing the brakes in one's car are working properly.
We do not KNOW that the brakes have worked until we get to our destination and turn off the engine.
We KNOW the brakes have worked properly to that point in space-time.
We believe the food we eat at a restaurant won't kill us or otherwise make us ill.
We KNOW that the food was safe we ate if we are still well about 24 to 72 hours later.

Psychological Beliefs, on the other hand, include such beliefs as
the belief in God, a god, or no God, beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad.
Look at how many of our own kind we humans have killed in the name of belief
in this God or that:
the Jewish God, the Christian God, the Muslim God, in Native American God
and so forth.

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