Peace and Joy
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Re-awakening the Mind of a Child:
Loving Kindness


Absence of Entification
Absence of Unnecessary Conditioning
Absence of Unnecessary Thinking
Absence of Time and
   its Perception

Absence of Selfish Anger
Absence of Unnecessary

Attachment Theory
Belief Systems
Belief Systems Types
Belief Systems Lie
Reality Types Realist
Reality Types Idealist
Reality Types Liberal
Reality Types Conservative
Reality Types Matrix
Reality Types Diagonal
Reality Types Presenting-
   Shadow Personality

Reality Types
   Collapsing Personalities

Reality Types Absolute Reality
Reality Types Awareness
The Human Condition
Human Condition
   Essential Scripts

Human Condition Facts of Life
Human Condition Facts of Life

Human Condition
   Secondary Gain

Human Condition Fear:
   The Foundation

Tibetan Meditation 1
Tibetan Meditation 2
Alternative: The Belief Closet
Appreciating I
Appreciating II
Thank you

Level Two

How to re-awaken the Mind of a Child

  Tibetan Meditation

We hold onto thoughts, feelings, emotions
rather than just letting them go.
We resist even resisting....

Tibetan Meditation
Tarthang Tulku. Hidden Mind of Freedom.

"Working with thoughts by opening them
as they arise can bring many pleasant feelings,
which--without attachment--also become our meditation. . . .

We can even go into the thoughts
that judge other thoughts,
and, embracing this judging mind,
become united with it,
they become agents of well-being. . . .

By relying on the light of awareness
you can see that the difficulties you face
are manifestations of your own concepts.

  Going deeply into your thoughts,
you will see
how you create your experience,
how you alone are the judge
who determines heaven and hell, good and bad.

Whatever experience arises,
stay with it, expand it, and heat it up.
If you remain within the intense core of the experience,
the meditator unites with thoughts and emotions,
and everything dissolves.

Then awareness grows powerful and one-pointed.
As thoughts and emotions are increasingly included
within this field of awareness,
they become more useful.
Instead of being a cause of frustration or confusion
they become agents of well-being. . . . "

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