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Types of Belief Systems

In other words, what we believe about reality is not necessarily what reality is. Is the Earth flat? Does the Sun actually rise in the East and set in the West? We understand that our perceptions of reality we evolve from our expectations which we have formed based upon our beliefs. Given the Human Condition, we form our present based upon our past wherein we formulated our beliefs in the first place! And where are all of these beliefs? In our head, in our cortex. Electro-chemical, neurobiological products formulating delusion.

We filter our perceptions through our beliefs and attending expectations: what we see, hear, feel, and think is real is essentially false and fanciful. This includes beliefs about our body. (p. 41f*)
*The Body Has a Mind of its Own. Blakeslee, ISBN 978-1-4000-6469-4)

Just remember:

In every belief
  there is a lie.

And what is the lie? The lie is two fold: 1) that beliefs exist in conventional reality (a house, an apple, the earth exist - to a degree) and 2) that our beliefs are TRUE and absolutely so. Yet our beliefs are in our brains. It is commonly understood that the brain is actually real whereas the products of the brain are - on one side fantasy and but electro-chemical processes on the other — are they not? Beliefs are not actually real. They are in the head, they are but fantasies: dream like products of delusion. Any argument to the contrary that you now may be evolving is, in fact, in your imagination. A fantasy.

As a fantasy, a belief, therefore, cannot either be true or false, right or wrong. It may be true as a fantasy. How can a fantasy be wrong in itself if that is what it is - a fantasy? Hence, we find ourselves creating/experiencing a whole lot of unnecessary pain and suffering in the form of obsessive thinking, worry, anxiety, depressive thought patterns, anger, hate, hostility, impatience, etc. expressive in our common understanding of the Human Condition. What is also unrealized is that when we are happy, joyful, gleeful, etc., we believe that these are absolute states as well and want to hold onto them - which leads us again to sadness and frustration, anxiety and so forth as we furtively try to recapture that we errantly believe we have lost.

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