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Re-awakening the Mind of a Child:
Loving Kindness


Absence of Entification
Absence of Unnecessary Conditioning
Absence of Unnecessary Thinking
Absence of Time and
   its Perception

Absence of Selfish Anger
Absence of Unnecessary

Attachment Theory
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The Human Condition
Human Condition
   Essential Scripts

Human Condition Facts of Life
Human Condition Facts of Life

Human Condition
   Secondary Gain

Human Condition Fear:
   The Foundation

Tibetan Meditation 1
Tibetan Meditation 2
Alternative: The Belief Closet
Appreciating I
Appreciating II
Thank you

Level Two

  What the heck happened!??

Essential Scripts

It is at 5 that we begin to grow a set of dendrites that mature around 7 or 8, the Age of Reason.
At 5 or so, we learn clearly what mommy and daddy want — or so we think — from us.
Thus we learn a basic script:

The boy (naturally wanting to keep mommy happy) learns:
The man I am is the man my mother wished her husband had been when I was five.
The woman I marry is the woman my father wished his wife had been when I was five.

The daughter (naturally wanting to keep daddy happy) learns:
The woman I am is the woman my father wished his wife had been when I was five.
The man I marry is the man my mother wished her husband had been when I was five.

I lost who I am because I was afraid I would not be loved, appreciated, or accepted as I am.
So I assumed another identity - that being THE ONE (Princess, Prince, Messiah, etc.)
   whom I THOUGHT my parents/primary care givers wanted me to be
   so they would love, accept, understand, and appreciate me.

enter the psychic reality of the GREAT TRINITY: My, Myself, and I.
Ego manifestation shows up in the Human Condition as:
  Guilt, Shame, Blame. Worry, Depression, Anxiety, lack of self-trust & self-confidence.
And these manifestations are just learned conditioned habit patterns of behavior.

A very real, yet imaginary, unifying principal of psychic organization —
this ego that can trump who we are
   unless we consciously re-awaken to who we are.

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