Peace and Joy
be with you and yours.

Re-awakening the Mind of a Child:
Loving Kindness


Absence of Entification
Absence of Unnecessary Conditioning
Absence of Unnecessary Thinking
Absence of Time and
   its Perception

Absence of Selfish Anger
Absence of Unnecessary

Attachment Theory
Belief Systems
Belief Systems Types
Belief Systems Lie
Reality Types Realist
Reality Types Idealist
Reality Types Liberal
Reality Types Conservative
Reality Types Matrix
Reality Types Diagonal
Reality Types Presenting-
   Shadow Personality

Reality Types
   Collapsing Personalities

Reality Types Absolute Reality
Reality Types Awareness
The Human Condition
Human Condition
   Essential Scripts

Human Condition Facts of Life
Human Condition Facts of Life

Human Condition
   Secondary Gain

Human Condition Fear:
   The Foundation

Tibetan Meditation 1
Tibetan Meditation 2
Alternative: The Belief Closet
Appreciating I
Appreciating II
Thank you

Level Two

How to re-awaken the Mind of a Child

  Tibetan Meditation ALTERNATIVE

We hold onto thoughts, feelings, emotions
rather than just letting them go.
We resist even resisting....

Tibetan Meditation A Dzogchen Practice

When encountering an uncomfortable thought, feeling, or emotion
and you wish to let go of it
jurist simple ask:
Who is thinking this thought?
Who is having this feeling?
Who is experiencing this emotion?

and notice, it dissolves.

and you might ask later on:
Who is asking who?
and you might just smile that child-like smile ...

  Another ALTERNATIVE: The Belief Closet Process
which may be completed in 60 minutes or so
either through a phone or in-person session.

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